Well its back to Dalkey for the Fitness Clinic.

Unfortunately we have to move out of our present facility in Dun Laoghaire. This is due to a combination of problems. Competitor complaints, extortionate rates and archaic planning laws.

Anyway these are the challenges in life that we deal with and come out stronger the other side.

Our new temporary home is the old youth club next to the library in Dalkey. It’s bright, spacious and provides minimum disruption to our schedule. I can assure everyone that the quality of your workout will in no way be affected.

Please feel free to come and try out our new facility.

The entrance is directly across the laneway from the library. Supervalu’s car park is immediately behind with ample parking. Please click here to check out our new timetable.

The new timetable will take effect in Dalkey from Monday 20th January.

May I apologise for any hassle caused through the move. This is definitely 3rd time lucky.

I really appreciate all the help, support and feedback from everyone in relation to the problem. Looking forward to getting stuck in to 2014 training.

Healthy regards,

santaAs promised I’m back with your Festive food survival plan.

As with alcohol there is no point is telling you not to eat crap over Christmas as it will be lining the pavements waiting for you.

The average adult will eat and drink over 3,000 calories on Christmas day alone. In order to burn this off you would have to run a full marathon (26.2 Miles) So how many marathons will you have to run.

It’s worth reminding you what the nasty’s are?

Spuds, carrots, turnip, parsnips, rice, pasta, pies, cake, puddings, sauces, bread, pastries, processed food and alcohol.

Ah well here we go again Party Party Party. If you are lucky enough?

christmas drinkingUnfortunately along with all the fun come the consequences. Now I’m not going to waste yours and my time telling you not to drink at Christmas. And why should I? Christmas is a great time to go out, unwind and have loads of fun with friends and family.

However what I would like to do is offer you some advice and options to help you get over the season so we are not wheel barrowing you into the gym in January

Firstly try make sure you are well hydrated (that’s water) and fed before going on the lash. We all know the results of going straight from work to the pub tired, hungry and thirsty. I have done many circuits on the Circle line Tube whilst living in London following a Friday after work pint.

The power of the human mind and body never ceases to amaze me!!!

Last Sunday saw 3,500 bodies set off on a 14K assault course over the Little Sugarloaf in Bray. This course is designed by military personal to challenge the hardest of athletes. Complete iced water submersion, 10ft walls, log sprints, mud runs (knee deep), rope climbs, chest high river crossing but to mention a few on the 8 mile course.

cholesterolOne of the greatest thrills in my job as a Fitness Trainer is to see people get results. When they tell me they have lost X amount of pounds I am delighted for them as I know how difficult it is and what it means to them. However what really “Rocks my Boat” is when they experience health results. So when one of my hardest working members told me this morning how her cholesterol levels had dropped to a healthy level and she had the blood glucose of an Athlete I was blown away. 

home-fitness-exercise-equipmentI am often asked what is the best piece of fitness equipment for the home.

I always have a little giggle when asked as I used own 2 shops selling home equipment Star Fitness in Bray and also in Arnotts. So my answer today might be a little different than a few years ago. However it does make me well qualified to answer the question.

DoneDeal and Ebay are crammed full of people trying to get rid of fitness equipment so think carefully before buying. Treadmills, bikes, Xtrainers are big and bulky and don’t always look good tucked behind a couch. They are also not too inviting in the garden shed when it’s dark and -5 degrees in winter.

A little lite break :-)



jucingBoth juicing and blending are a great way to get a huge hit of vitamins and minerals fast.

Juicing is a process that squeezes and extracts all the fluids out of your fruit and vegetables and leaves the entire discard behind. The advantage is you get all the nutrients that are easy to drink and absorb fast. You can also drink more as the fibre is left behind. Hence a greater volume of goodies. However this can prove more expensive.

You will also get a bigger hit of sugar faster so be aware of insulin spikes. Try including protein in the juice or eat separately to slow digestion.

back painAlmost all of us have experienced some form of back pain in our time. It can be seriously debilitating and scary and we would pay any amount of money to get rid of it.

In the majority of cases back pain is totally preventable. Most problems are caused by poor posture due to general bad habits.

Our bodies are not designed to sit and slouch all day long. Our spines are designed to move a lot and bear weight.

So here are a few practical tips to make your life more comfortable if you are going to be sitting for long periods ensure you have a back friendly chair. Your hips should sit above your knees and there should be a natural in the back. Try using a fit ball for at least part of the day.

Croghan Hill Challenge, Co. Offaly


Date:                                     Saturday 31st August 2013

Location:                              Croghan Hill, Rhode, Co. Offaly

In aid of:                              Patient Care & Comfort in the new Cancer Day Ward at the Mater Hospital

Hi Mums & Dads,

No excuses to miss your morning workout!

Starting Monday 1st July we will be running a child minding service for the 9.15am workouts Monday – Friday.

I have a room attached to the Gym with direct access and own bathroom.

It will be €3 per child and €2 for each additional.

Any queries please give me a call on 0872455821.

Stay healthy,


Exercise & Good Nutrition = Healthy Skin.

As the only male amongst a gang of woman to listen to Nuala Woulfe talk about skin care I was a little uncomfortable. However it proved to be well worth while.

Nuala is hugely experienced in the Health & Beauty business.

The big piece of information to come out of the talk is the importance of working from the inside out.

spaNuala Woulfe has over 20 years experience in the Beauty Industry and she continues to personally train her team of highly skilled expert therapists in both Nuala Woulfe Beauty Salon and Nuala Woulfe Serenity Day Spa

Date: June 17th @ 10am
Price: €5 for Charity (Charity Begins at Home)
Venue: Fitness Clinic, Dun Laoghaire

Seminar: Talk on Skincare - all the interesting facts with products available for testing & promotions. Nuala will cover the benefits of combining regular exercise & nutrition for healthy skincare

This is a question I get asked regularly. My answer. What happens when you stop showering?  - You stink

What happens if you stop eating?  - You die.

These replies are not meant to be smart but enforce the importance of regular exercise. You see like showering and eating exercise is for life.

We learnt a lot from our two sessions on Posture & Gait last Wednesday with Osteopath Michael Monaghan. (Big thanks from all to Michael) 

The assessment was really simple and non intrusive. A quick look at general posture followed by a 1 minute walk on a treadmill which was closely videoed, linked into a laptop and analysed by Michael

 One of the most interesting facts was out of 16 people assessed 13 had problems some minor others a little more serious. 

Few were aware they had a problem as it was at an early stage.


Over the last year or so I have been banging my head on how to replace our mixed Pilates Bootcamp which we ran over last summer.

I wanted a workout that was calmer than Bootcamp but provide the same results.

Well the new Body Sculpt programme even at this early stage has ticked the box big time. People feel the slower approach to be a lot more comfortable and manageable.

Beginners, unfit and overweight pick up the exercises quickly and the very low impact is much more suitable on old injuries, joints and strains.

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