Body Sculpting Workouts

Do you want a firm toned body?

fitnessclinic-body-sculptBody Sculpting is designed to focus on toning and shaping sagging problem areas. Lack of the right kind of exercise and extra body fat will leave you with flabby areas, especially round the bum, belly and arms.
Using exercises to increase metabolism, burn fat and zoom in on problem areas this is a fantastic overall workout.

Unlike our regular Bootcamps this is a very low impact session no jumping jerky movements so is ideal for people with old or recent back, hips, knees, shoulder, neck and joint problems.

We will spend a lot of time stretching and working the CORE which is great for strengthening the abdominals, hips and back. It will also improve and increase your mobility and flexibility

The other good news is because of the big movement, exercise patterns, increase in metabolism and greater muscle tone this is a great way to burn fat and lose weight. You will still be burning calories for hours after leaving the gym.

It’s also ideal for beginners but will also challenge the fittest of exercisers.

Class times and Prices

Monday, Wednesdays  & Fridays 9.15am

Workouts last 45 minutes.

All programmes run for 4 weeks.

All payments to be made at start of programme by cheque or cash.

Please feel free to call with any queries   087 960 1685