Q. Is Bootcamp only for fit people?

A. Definitely not. our Bootcamps. We encourage and welcome completely unconditioned people to join our sessions. All our workouts are designed to allow all standards to work together. We also offer easier and modified exercises for the unfit and injured clients.

Q  Is it Military style?
A  A lot of the routines and workouts would come from military style programmes. They have proven over the years to be the most effective way to get people in shape and burn maximum amounts of body fat fast.
We don’t degrade people by screaming and threatening but do heavily encourage and motivate.
A word of warning,” We take no Prisoners”.

Q .How often do I need to train?
A.  You should aim for at least 3 times per week of our kind of training to achieve results. We would also encourage other types of activity on off days.

Q. If I train hard can I eat what I want?
A.  Wish I could say yes to this question. However we have a great saying “You can’t out train a bad diet” meaning you can train all day long but if you are eating too much and crap you will not get the body you want. We have a very simple Nutritional Programme that is highly effective and does not involve deprivation..

Q. What if I miss a session or am away for a period.
A.  We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible so there are plenty of sessions per week to catch on. Or you can do some of the home programmes we have on line.. If you know in advance we will credit you for missed periods. But please remember any period of abstinence will interfere with you results.

Q..When can I join?
A. Anytime. We don’t believe in keeping people waiting for places. Our programmes are designed to allow for this. 

Q. Do you use equipment?
A. Yes. Although we do a lot of body weight exercises, without equipment it gets difficult to add progressions and can be boring. We don’t have treadmills, bikes or any large fixed machines. Just simple pieces like dumbbells, fit balls, bands, straps, med balls, kettlebells etc. They also provide lots of variety to keep you interested.

Q. Do I need to get fit first?
A. This is a common approach I hear people talk of regularly and I really discourage it.
They waste a huge amount of time walking/running or doing some other form of easy exercise and in most cases get fed up and give up as they don’t get results. And then when they come to us they gain more in a few sessions than all the time and energy messing around.
Q. Do you do post pregnancy sessions.
A. We sure do. A huge amount of our members are new Mums and are delighted with getting back into good shape fast.
Those who kept up a good exercise programme pre-natal benefited hugely throughout their pregnancy and after.

Q. Do you do Teenagers and Student sessions?
A. Yes we integrate Teenagers and Students into our regular programmes and it works really well.
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Q. What should I wear?
A. Comfortable workout clothing and trainers (no need to spend big money). Maybe wear a couple of layers to discard as you get hot and replace as you cool down.
A full water bottle and a towel is also recommended.

Q. Will I put on muscle at Bootcamp?
A. Hopefully as every 1 pound of muscle burns off an additional 50 calories a day where fat requires very little to survive. Muscle is the body’s furnace. So if you have 2 people of the same weigh sleeping side by side the person with the most muscle tone will be burning off more calories as they sleep.
This does not mean you need to look like a bodybuilder to achieve this. You can still have lean muscle and look very shapely as do a lot of our female members.