Gents Active retirement Fitness classes

gym-guyAs we get into our Senior years we tend to slow down and take it easy. Which is probably well deserved? However it is probably the time in our life when the right kind of regular exercise is most important. Your body will deteriorate rapidly if you don’t use it.

Our programmes are designed to get people moving in as many different directions as possible. Using simple exercises and equipment we get you to push, pull, reach, bend, lift, stretch, grab etc. This is what our body is designed to do.

By increasing strength in muscles, joints and spine, you reduce the risk of injury, breaks and falls, you also recover quicker should you get injured.

What can you expect from our programme?

  • Greater mobility and flexibility
  • Improved circulation and endurance
  • Better posture and body shape.
  • Weight loss and tone up
  • Look and feel good
  • Increased energy and faster reactions
  • Relaxation and reduced stress
  • Opportunity to socialise and have fun

All our classes are designed for you to work at your own comfortable level Our instructors are fully qualified and experienced in working with Seniors.

Classes are fun and only last 45 minutes

Why not try us out?

Click here to locate the Fitness Clinic's new facility

All payments to be made at start of programme by cheque or cash.

This class is twice a week for 4 weeks and costs €50

Please feel free to call with any queries  087 960 1685