Metabolic Fitness Training (Bootcamp)

The key aim of Metabolic Fitness Training (MFT) is to get you in the shape of your life by increasing your metabolism 24/7.

Metabolism is your body’s ability to convert food to energy. So the faster your metabolism the quicker you burn calories.

metabolic_fitnessNumerous studies have proved that MFT burns as much as 10 times more calories than regular aerobic exercise. Jogging, walking, cycling etc. Not only that but continues to demand energy back for up to 72 hours after exercise. This is called EPOC. Express Post Oxygen Consumption. And guess what the main source of fuel is? FAT.

MFT also increases Lean Muscle Tissue. Muscle needs continuous feeding whilst fat just lies there and looks at you. So the more muscle we have the bigger the engine the more fuel we use. Ladies this does not mean big bulging muscles but a well toned sculpted shape.  .1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day. So if you increase your lean muscle tissue by 5lb you would be burning off an extra 250 calories a day at rest.

This is achieved by doing the right type of training, eating the right foods and rest.

The great news is you train less, eat more and sleep like a baby.

The principle of metabolic training is to elevate your heart rate, get breathless, raise body tempeture (sweat) and create a burn in your muscles. We do this by using big exercises for short periods of hard work 10 – 90 seconds with minimum rest periods in between... The principle applies to all levels and does not mean you have to puke blood and sweat every session. You work at your own level. However the more you put in the bigger the benefits.

So to draw a simple analogy. If you had two 10 Stone people sleeping together one well toned the other flabby the toned body would be burning off way more calories as they sleep.

So MFT alone will bring huge benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. However if you were to combine it with healthy eating (not diet) the benefits become phenomenal. Check out our Olympic Nutritional Programme.

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Class Timetable

Workouts last 45 minutes.

All programmes run for 4 weeks.

All payments to be made at start of programme by cheque or cash.

Please feel free to call with any queries   087 960 1685