Post workout consumption

There are 2 types of people when it comes to eating after a workout: the immediate eaters and the non eaters.

The non eaters will not really eat anything after a workout, but instead later in the day, will treat themselves (to chocolate, alcohol chips etc) because they feel they deserve it since they exercised.

The immediate eaters finish their workout and consume a protein bar or a protein shake within 5-10 Min’s after their workout.

Let’s analyze how you can have a more positive effect on your workout.

For the first 30 minutes after a workout your body is still ready to exercise and your muscles are not ready to begin repairing yet. After 30 minutes your muscles relax and begin to repair themselves.

This is when you should consume protein because protein aids the muscle rebuilding process. If you consume protein 30 min – 1hour after your workout you will be helping your muscles rebuild during their prime time rebuilding process and maximising the benefits. If you don't want to use a a protein powderwe would suggest a 5 oz glass of juice with slice of turkey or boiled egg and then dinner an hour later.

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Vicki Hathorn,