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I joined the 28 Day Nutritional Programme for different reasons than most of the others, while I am relatively “trim” I really wasn’t eating healthily. I have discovered that my knowledge of high energy foods was very limited, I don’t remember ever eating seeds, coconut oil or gluten free oats before! I tried to stick to the programme as much as I could as I really wanted to experience how my body would feel without gluten and dairy for a couple of weeks. I am delighted with the results – yes I have lost a couple of inches which is nice, but my energy levels are much improved and that heavy bloated feeling is gone!

Tony’s support was excellent, the programme was really well organised, the Nutrition talk with Paula was really helpful as well as the daily recipes being really interesting and actually quite tasty!! It took me a while to source all the food I needed, but once I started looking in the “health section” of the shops I found other interesting foods that I would like to try – it has really opened my eyes to a new healthier future lifestyle.  I am happy to recommend the programme to anyone who wants to reenergize their body and lose weight. 
Carmel Meegan , Dalkey 

Before I started the healthy weight loss program I really wasn’t pleased with my body, while I feel reasonably fit from my regular attendance at the Fitness Clinic, I definitely think my diet needed attention! Working through the 28 day Nutritional menu plans and following the talk from Paula, really helped me focus on what I was eating. I tried many new recipes and high energy foods that I have never tasted before. It was difficult getting used to the diet change especially staying away from bread and having no alcohol, preparation of the various meals also took time and effort but I am delighted with the results I have lost inches all the way down my body and I feel re-energised.

My skin is much better, I am sleeping much better and I don’t feel as bloated. I can now say I feel really healthy and will definitely stay on Tony’s maintenance programme so that I don’t slip back to my old habits. I now know how to alter my diet so that I rarely feel deprived and hungry.  Doing my 3 or 4 weekly classes and including the new recipes and foods in my diet will make sure I maintain a high level of fitness and a low body fat percentage.  I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my well-being.  Best of all, I feel confident that I can continue to follow this program and it will become an integral part of my life.       
Anne Mc Donald , Nurse, Dun Laoghaire

Monica Mc Cormack –

Main motivation: To stay healthy physically and mentally and time for myself and meet people from Dalkey as I am not from the area.

Fiona Mohan –

Main motivation: – Fitness, strength, weight loss, everyone’s here because they really want to be

Michelle Cullen

Main motivation: Great variety of classes, great support and motivation from Tony & Anna.  I always feel that I get a really good work-out.

Angela O’ Reilly

Main motivation: Losing weight, feel stronger, fitter in body and mind!

"Since I started training with the Fitness Clinic two years ago, my energy levels have increased significantly. My trainers Tony and Dan keep me motivated to continue with my workouts and are always happy to provide suggestions to improve my training and to answer my questions. It's a friendly “get fit and lose weight” environment at a great and convenient location in Dalkey, Tramyard.

I really enjoy the benefits of a healthy & fit body and would have found it difficult to get back in shape without the support of the team. It is great to get the results I'm after when I commit to a couple of sessions per week and get pushed each time to try a little harder. I enjoy the mix of aerobic fitness and weights and I feel myself getting stronger, fitter and have lots more energy following each session. It actually makes the whole ordeal fun and is quite addictive!"

Geraldine, Glenageary.



"What a life-changing experience I have had here at The Fitness Clinic, with Tony & the training and Nutritional Team. I have been trying to lose weight and get fit for a number of years now, and have tried going to the gym and other “get fit” methods, unsuccessfully, many times. I have found my perfect fit here at the Fitness Clinic in Dalkey. Every session brings a new challenge, and Tony makes my weekly goals achievable, in fact we constantly strive to surpass them.

I think it’s very difficult to do it on your own, you need the motivation, knowledge, experience and advice of a supporting staff. The fitter I get the more positive I become, I have lost 23 lbs and am delighted and more confident. If anyone is considering all weather in door group bootcamp training, I am happy to recommend the Fitness Clinic."


Steve, Dun Laoghaire

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