Meet Us

Tony Kelly, founder of The Fitness Clinic, is an Ex Marine of 14 years, Nobody is better qualified to train Bootcamps than him.

Since leaving the Marines he has worked in all areas of the Fitness Industry from Gym Instructor to Club owner.

Tony has travelled extensively and has amassed huge knowledge, experience and qualifications including the industry’s Gold standard Personal Training Cert with The American College of Sports Medicine.

Opening The Fitness Clinic in Dalkey, Christmas 2009, was a long term goal of Tonys. His aim is to help locals of all ages improve their levels of Health & Fitness.

Look what our Clients say!

Before joining the Dalkey Fitness clinic I considered myself reasonable fit, walking 3 / 4 days a week around Killiney, Dalkey with the odd weekend Wicklow hill walk thrown in, but when I met a friend who had joined the clinic and saw how toned she had become I decided to give it a go.

The results have been amazing in such a short space of time, not only have I got my waist back! but my energy levels and flexibility have improved, my stress levels are reduced, I am sleeping better than I have for years and.. I actually enjoy it! Tony the Personal Trainer is extremely experienced and customizes each session to suit individuals of all ages with the result that it is a varied programme with little time for usual gym boredom to set in.

I certainly would recommend The Fitness Clinic for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life through fitness

Dalkey Resident