Personal Training.

“Even Personal Trainers have Personal Trainers”


  •  To push us outside our comfort zone and motivate us.
  • Learn new safe effective exercises and techniques.
  • To have an appointment and commitment with.
  • Get us real results fast.
  • Monitor our progress


Personal TrainingSo why not you?

The additional 10% of effort provides 70% of the benefits. That’s how the body responds, its called overload. We have got to ask our body to do a little bit more than it’s use to. If you do the same routine and exercises all the time our body’s not challenged. Muscle memory kicks in and we plateau, get stagnant, frustrated and often give up.

Can you push out that extra 10% alone?

So by providing regular challenging, changing routines we attack the body’s systems from lots of different angles. This provides the stimulus for change progress and results.

The body responds by increasing metabolism, burning fat for fuel and releasing necessary hormones.

Leaner, Stronger, Toned, Flexible Happy Mind & Body


Single session €75
8  sessions €390
Home Program    includes full assessment. €85
Home Programme follow up €70
Group Training.  8 sessions   1st Person €390
Each additional Person. €150
Maximum of  5 people  
All prices include VAT

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Look what our Clients say!

Before joining the Dalkey Fitness clinic I considered myself reasonable fit, walking 3 / 4 days a week around Killiney, Dalkey with the odd weekend Wicklow hill walk thrown in, but when I met a friend who had joined the clinic and saw how toned she had become I decided to give it a go.

The results have been amazing in such a short space of time, not only have I got my waist back! but my energy levels and flexibility have improved, my stress levels are reduced, I am sleeping better than I have for years and.. I actually enjoy it! Tony the Personal Trainer is extremely experienced and customizes each session to suit individuals of all ages with the result that it is a varied programme with little time for usual gym boredom to set in.

I certainly would recommend The Fitness Clinic for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life through fitness

Dalkey Resident