The Run-A-Muck Challenge

What a great day we  all had at the Run-A-Muck Challenge down in Kildare last Saturday.
12 of us ran and completed a gruelling 5K course (Course should be replace by mud bath for next years description).
Run A Muck
The serious runners got off earlier so that left the remaining 1400 in for the craic and a good workout. Our earlier thoughts of maybe staying reasonably dry were shattered when you wre literally up to your chest in a bog within 5 minutes.
The hour was spent crawling, scrambling, swinging, climbing and digging your way over bales of hay, under nets, through rivers, up and down mud banks and every thing else you can imagine. There was great camraderie by everyone helping poor souls get over obstacles and complete the course. The whooping and laughing was just brilliant.
Cant wait for next event.

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